Are Vaccines Safe?

Do Vaccines Still Contribute To Greater Good?

Are vaccines safe? Since childhood, we have been taught that immunizations are intended to be our body’s best defense against serious and sometimes deadly diseases — but what if everything we have been told was wrong?

“They (doctors) told us vaccines were safe, they lied. Vaccines were effective, they lied. They were necessary, they lied. It’s time to learn the truth and see the information they don’t want you to see.” –Dr. Heather Wolfson

Dr. Heather Wolfson is a 2nd generation Chiropractor born and raised in a natural and holistic environment to a father that’s also a Chiropractor by profession.

Awakening The World To Wellness

Heather, along with his husband, Dr. Jack Wolfson are both staunch believers and combatants of the anti-vaccine movement. “There’s no such thing as separating the poisons out. There’s no safe vaccine. The benefit of going to the Chiropractor is you have the healing hands. We have to have a healthy nervous system. Chiropractors use their hands in adjusting and address nutrition.”

Dr. Heather Wolfson is a Chiropractic physician who provides chiropractic and nutritional care to adults and children. She is an incredible mom who home-birthed her two sons, Noah and Brody. The children are being raised by the couple doctor in a holistic fashion that includes breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and chemical-free living. Dr. Wolfson is a native of Arizona, loves the outdoors, and is active in animal rights and environmental safety.

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