Vegan Gut Healing Soup

Vegan Gut Healing Soup

This Vegan Gut Healing Soup recipe is one of my favorites to share with those who have digestive or liver issues.  I adapted the recipe from a few Naturopaths who have mentored me over the years and have since shared this recipe with other doctors who say it is a very healing meal for the gut and liver.

As many of us are in the thick of summer I can assure you, this soup tastes just as outstanding chilled as it does piping hot; indeed a nurturing snack or meal for any season.

If you prefer this recipe with meat, go here.

Ashley's Vegan Gut Healing Soup

You will need a good sized Stockport. I love and use this one:
I have another variation if this soup when I use my Vitamix ( instead of an immersion blender. In that case, I will take the bone broth, and the chopped up raw veggies and blend them together then simmer for a few minutes. This preserves a lot of the enzymes and phytonutrients in the veggies, which is also healing. Both ways are good, the one with the Vitamix is better for those that do not have an acute digestive issue. 

For those with acute digestive issues, the veggies should be cooked for the full 20 to 30min. 

If you want a more “raw” experience, then blend the chopped veggies with the hot bone broth until fully blended with the Vitamix and serve without boiling the veggies.

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Healthy Digestive System

If you eat this soup for one meal per day for a week, you will see a shift in your digestive health. My husband used this same recipe to cured his lifelong constipation. Because of the healthy, healing fiber and the cabbage and the many nutrients veggies and herbs bring, I have seen this soup help a lot of people through the years, so I am happy to bring it to you today.  The beets are healing for the liver. Each vegetable and herb has its own healing property that adds up to make this an excellent healing soup! It is VERY filing too. Men like it because of how hearty it is! Almost like chili!

Use filtered or spring water as the foundation for the soup.

Also, for right now I suggest lightly simmering your veggies for 20min before blending as your gut will benefit from the soft, predigested and gentle fiber.

When your gut is stronger, you can try this recipe the more “raw” version where you blend the raw chopped veggies with hot broth then simmer briefly just to warm it. That version has different enzymes and nutrients intact. But should only be consumed after you can handle raw veggies.

To Your Health!

Ashley James

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