34: Vitamin D – Dr. Heidi Semanie

Dr. Heidi Semanie

Dr. Heidi Semanie is back on the show to teach us things we didn’t know about vitamin D! Every major aspect of your health is influenced by D.

It’s common knowledge that vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin because our body uses the sunshine to make it. And in the winter, we can suffer from Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder (S.A.D.), or low D levels, which are linked to depression.

Dr. Heidi explains that our body needs D to utilize Calcium, a major mineral our bones, muscles, nerves and other tissues need to function!  So, without vitamin D, we cannot healthfully use calcium!

Vitamin D is also linked to aiding the body in cancer prevention, and in the event the body is fighting cancer, it has been linked to helping the body create healthy tissue.

Lower D levels are found in those with neurological disorders like MS and Parkinsons as well as in mood disorders like depression.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

What key role our liver and kidneys play in our D levels
Why digestive health is so important in establishing vitamin D levels
How much D you should supplement with
How much sun exposure do you need to help your body make this vitamin
What D rich foods you should eat
What foods you should avoid!

Health AH-HA Moment:

Cholesterol is the raw building block of D! Without eating, digesting and absorbing healthy fats we cannot make vitamin D!

Your Challenge:

Follow Dr. Heidi’s advice for diet, supplementation and getting healthy sun exposure each week to keep your D levels optimal all year long.


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