266: Vitamin K2

The Importance Of Vitamin K2

Did you know that vitamin K2 is found in chlorella? In our previous episode, we talked extensively about why chlorella and spirulina are superfoods. This time around, Catharine Arnston is back with us to talk more about where we can get our daily requirement of vitamin K2 and how it benefits our health.

Origins of Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 prevents heart disease and helps develop healthy bones. But apparently, vitamin K2 isn't found in a lot of foods. In fact, Catharine Arnston says that aside from chlorella containing vitamin K2, this wonder vitamin is only found in grass-fed protein or dairy. It is also found in natto, a Japanese food which has the highest concentration of vitamin K2.

“Up until the 50s, cattle were all raised in pastures. Grass and green things have chlorophyll and vitamin K1. Vitamin K1 is known for its blood clotting benefits,” shares Catharine Arnston. “Only animals have in their gut, a bacteria that converts K1 from the grass into K2. And when we consume dairy to absorb the animal protein from a grass-fed animal, we then absorb vitamin K2.” 

But Catharine Arnston says the farmers soon discovered, that if they added vitamin D and vitamin A to the feed of the cattle, they could move them inside in tiny enclosures, feed them corn and fatten them up.

As a result, during the 1960s onward, vitamin K2 eventually became non-existent in most people's diets. Reported cases of osteoporosis and heart disease also started increasing.

Link Between Calcium And Vitamin K2

Catharine Arnston explains that when you eat dairy of any kind, it contains calcium. The calcium is supposed to go to your bones and helps cells continuously regenerate. And although vitamin D helps with absorptions, the missing link is vitamin K2.

“Vitamin K2 does two things. It releases a protein called osteocalcin which helps your bones absorb the calcium and releases a protein called matrix GLA protein which prevents the calcium from moving into your blood vessels, skin, and brain. It moves it out of places it shouldn't be and puts it where it should be,” said Catharine Arnston.

Furthermore, Catharine Arnston says cholesterol does not primarily cause heart disease. Instead, it is caused by having too much calcium in blood vessels. And without vitamin K2, all those calcium supplements, as well as all the calcium, moves into your blood vessels and not your bones.

To know more about vitamin K2, Catharine Arnston highly recommends the book called Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox by Kate Rheaume-Bleue. Kate Rheaume-Bleue is a Canadian Naturopathic doctor and clearly explains everything you need to know about vitamin K2.

More people realize that vitamin K2 is the essential thing in your diet especially those aged 30 years old and above. The book also makes us aware that accumulating all that calcium gathers in your bloodstream and may lead to heart attack.

“The best source of vitamin K2 is always from nature. I had our algae tested in February. One or two servings of chlorella is sufficient for vitamin K2 requirement,” said Catharine Arnston. “It prevents calcium flowing in the bloodstream and reverses it. So to those with high blood pressure or if you're a candidate for heart attack, get up to four servings of chlorella.”

Best Diet

But taking chlorella and spirulina isn't going to be as effective if you don't practice a proper diet. With so many food choices around, it's also so easy to make bad food choices especially when we're busy.

I also know many of you are aware that fast food is bad for your health. Many studies have proven this. Dr. Joel Fuhrman was on my show recently and his book, The Fast Food Genocide, details the long-time consequences of an unhealthy diet.

It may be hard for changing your diet but try to do it one step at a time. One way to reduce your calories by 10% is cutting out your consumption of animal products.

Dr. Mark Hyman, another previous guest, has a different approach to improving your food choices and shift your diet to a healthy one. The “pegan” diet as he calls it, is a combination of the paleo and vegan diets. Doing a pegan diet primarily uses high-quality meat.  So those who can't take dairy products can opt for the organic meat which is rich in vitamin K2.

Catharine Arnston also says that vitamin K2 keeps the excess calcium out of your skin, so it doesn't contribute to wrinkles. Furthermore, only 10% of chlorophyll is absorbed in your stomach. The rest stays in through the entire intestinal tract, goes through the liver and down the colon.

Chlorophyll, on the other hand, absorbs carcinogens. Since it's a fat-based pigment, it heals cell walls. And because chlorophyll absorbs carcinogens, it cleans out the lower intestines as well.

Looking Ahead

Catharine Arnston is happy to share that even Congress now realizes the nutritional value of algae through the Algae Agricultural Act. She says it's about time to set the record straight that algae are not a supplement but rather a crop. 

“Algae are also sustainable. My dream is to have a huge algae farm in the U.S. Aside from this; algae also capture carbon dioxide,” shares Catharine Arnston. “I also recently learned that NASA wants to grow algae in space. So, in being eco-friendly, we are choosing crops and choosing foods that are healthier for us and healthier for the environment.”

Source Of Omega 3

There is so much more information surrounding algae. Did you know that algae are also a source of omega 3? But Catharine Arnston says the demand for omega 3 or fish oil has been so high that it has already stripped the ocean of so many species of fish already. It is disruptive to the environment, and it is only a matter of time when it disrupts everything.

“Go straight to what the fish are eating. Algae is vegan, and it protects the ocean. The other problem is, some tests have shown that 80% of fish oil comes up rancid. It's just the process of packaging it,” Catharine Arnston explains. “You can't stop the oxidation process, so that causes inflammation. Algae never go rancid, and it's always clean. So you're better off getting your omega 3 from a sustainable source.”

She adds, “Algae is also responsible for up to 85% of the oxygen on earth. So growing algae is good for air quality. Because algae kill bacteria, algae are used in every city's water processing plant. You can use the water over and over, and there's zero waste for algae.”

Success Stories

There are many people whose health improved with chlorella and spirulina. Just a month ago. Catharine Arnston received an email from a 35-year-old mom with three kids.  

She was diagnosed last year with stage 4 uterine cancer. The cancer has metastasized into her bones, lungs, and liver. She underwent chemo, lost 60 pounds, and was bedridden last year. The only thing keeping her alive was the love for her children.

That woman had a friend who lived in Kansas who happened to take algae regularly. She sent her friend a bag of ENERGYbits with spirulina, and RECOVERYbits.  In two weeks, that woman was able to get out of bed!

“We're on a path where we know we're making a difference. Our bodies can heal themselves. We have to give them what it needs and take away what it doesn't,” said Catharine Arnston.

More On Chlorella

We can't get enough of chlorella and spirulina because there's still so much to learn about them. Chlorella, in particular, has a thousand more chlorophyll than any other greens. It has cleansing properties and has health benefits. Aside from that, chlorella has a high amount of protein and essential fatty acids.

Chlorella also has nucleic acids that control cellular function and heredity. The two forms of nucleic acid are DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid).

“As you age, your DNA and RNA become damaged. So, they start replicating in a damaged form. That contributes to aging and disease and wrinkles. Ultimately, chlorella helps with wellness, skin health, and faster healing of wounds,” said Catharine Arnston.

Catharine Arnston says chlorella has the highest concentration of iron in the world. It is 48 times more than spinach. She says iron is what carries oxygen in your blood so if you don't have enough oxygen; you'll feel fatigued. It is also great for the skin and has a high concentration of protein.

Spirulina and Mother's Milk

Catharine Arnston also reveals that spirulina can benefit the quality of mother's milk. It supplies the proteins, healthy fat, antioxidants and vitamins needed to nourish the mother's body. Because spirulina is rich in GLA or gamma-linolenic acid, it can also aid the development of the baby especially brain function.

“Spirulina is the one that's energizing and provides you with all that focus. But the chlorella is your health and wellness algae. Your brain uses up 20% of your energy. And spirulina helps so much with the mental focus,” said Catharine Arnston.

She adds, “Spirulina helps open the blood vessels, allows the blood to flow faster, sends more oxygen to your muscles and brain so you can think better. It is loaded with the B vitamins. Spirulina has more B vitamins. B vitamins convert glucose into energy and help with the methylation process.”

How To Eat Algae

The taste of algae is complex. But Catharine Arnston says there are a lot of ways on how to eat algae:

– Use as a garnish. RECOVERYbits is a fantastic garnish on a salad.

– Turn it into a game for the kids. Vitamin K2 is terrific for kids to strengthen their bones.

– Tastes great with nuts.

– You can grind them up and make it into a smoothie.

– Great with coconut chips and dark chocolate.

“Ultimately, don't see it as just food, see it as something that's going to benefit you from a health perspective as well,” advises Catharine Arnston.

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