171: The Art of Writing A Book  

The Art of Writing A Book   

I'm sure you're wondering what does book publishing or writing a book have to do with Holistic health. Well, doctors, health practitioners, and health coaches have a lot of knowledge to disseminate so writing a book gets the information out there. Diana Needham is my guest today, who will show us tips and tricks on writing a book and how to market it successfully.  

By a stroke of fate, Diana Needham and I first met at a marketing seminar years ago. Dubbed as the “book shepherd” by her clients, she serves as a trusted mentor through the book creation, publishing, and launch processes. Furthermore, she supports clients to achieve more than they thought possible.  

Shifting Careers  

Incidentally, Diana Needham was in an entirely different career before being in the book publishing business. Initially working for 26 years in the banking industry, she primarily managed important strategic projects.  

However, the bank Diana Needham used to work for was purchased by one of the largest banks in the country. Diana Needham recalls that consequently, it became an unhealthy place for her. Hence, she opted for voluntary resignation.   

When her staff figured out their next career progression, Diana Needham embarked on her coach training journey. She initially started off marketing the business of small business owners. Then Diana Needham eventually was referred to an author who needed help selling her book which turned out to be a success.   

Marketing Books  

Working in the banking industry had a lot of corporate challenges, eventually leading Diana Needham to leave the industry. However, her managing and marketing skills proved to be an asset when she shifted careers.  

“The book is a powerful tool. I help people get known in our community,” said Diana Needham. “When I work with an author, it is a project. I have a gift because I foresee the end goal for a book.”   

Diana Needham says she realized that what she loved most about her career was mentoring and working with people. She describes it as engineering the marketing process in reverse. According to Diana Needham, that paves a clear path to follow that gets her clients to the finish line.   

Working With Authors  

Diana Needham's enthusiasm in working with authors is contagious! She gushes that authors are the most amazing people to because they have a big message. And by writing a book, they can articulate it along with a big vision of individuals they want to help.  

Aside from experienced authors, Diana Needham likewise works with aspiring authors as well. According to Diana Needham, aspiring authors are usually interested in writing a book to serve as a tool to grow their business.   

Finding Out The Big Why  

Diana Needham says amazing things happen when people can articulate that big why. That is why one of the first things she asks authors is why are they writing a book.   

I need to find out why is this message in your heart and soul. You need to write down and identify what this message means to you,” said Diana Needham.

Diana Needham relates that there was a lady who wanted to write a book about the blending of essential oils. After an initial meeting, it turns out the woman's pivotal moment for writing a book was when her husband was diagnosed with leukemia.  

The lady further revealed to Diana Needham that on her husband's third day of treatment, the bottom of his feet was covered with thick, yellow residue. And massaging her husband's feet with blended oils was the only thing the lady could do.   

Consequently, this experience became the lady's ‘big why.' And according to Diana Needham, when we articulate that ‘big why,' that becomes the introduction to the book.  

Who Are You Writing For?  

Once you know your ‘big why‘ identify who is it that you are writing the book for. Some follow-up questions include identifying the big problem that the book solves for them. Furthermore, you must be able to identify what is the big challenge that your book aims to address.  

These questions are ideally answered before aspiring authors start writing. This way, a clear strategy can be developed to ensure the success of the book. Because without it, the book will not be able to make the impact or difference the author wants.   

Paying Attention To Content  

First of all, be detailed. Diana Needham said, when you're writing the content, make sure it is in alignment with what you want the readers to know, accept or believe. It is also important to identify what you want the book to do for you once it is published.   


For first-time authors, Diana Needham usually recommends that the book is published via Amazon's Createspace. The website is a user-friendly tool for new authors to self-publish and distribute their books, DVDs, CDs, and video downloads.  

Createspace allows print-on-demand publishing, so it is more cost-efficient and convenient for first-time authors. The marketing resources are not the same as that of a traditional publishing deal, but it has a good presence on social media especially on Amazon where most people buy their books nowadays.  

“Publishing a book is not without investment. The generation of revenue to your business comes not from the book itself,” explains Diana Needham. “It comes from clients and speaking engagements. It is used as a marketing strategy to build your business.”

Leap Of Faith  

The width of the spine of a book is dependent on the page count. Hence, Diana Needham says that if you plan to sell your book, you have to have enough pages for it to be thick enough to grab attention. 

She, however, advises authors to go ahead and write the book first. Apparently, there are many ways to add pages. Obsessing about every detail of your competition's book would just distract you from starting your book.  

Eventually, once your book is done, Diana Needham says that the person who changes the most in this process is usually the author. This is because the message would have been clarified and articulated by the time the book is finished.  

“What resonates with people is your story. People are waiting for your message,” said Diana Needham. “Essentially, the book is the culmination of all your experiences.”

Diana Needham is a professional speaker, best-selling author, and trusted book publishing and launch consultant. She works with coaches, speakers, consultants, and small business owners who have a BIG message to share with the world. Diana Needham does this by creating effective ways to publish, launch, and market their non-fiction books and their businesses.   

With 30 best-selling authors created since 2014 (and ten more in the process right now), Diana Needham knows not only how to achieve the best seller designation but also how to be the one chosen (instead of the one chasing new clients). She teaches her clients how to reach ideal readers and customers, grows their visibility, and position themselves as an authority in their market.  

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